Mountain, Life

A Tirade of Thought (in a Time Digitally Wrought); a Poem

In the shadow and the shade
Refraining from life pre-made
Seeking relief from unrelenting doom
Constrained and confined to a ready made room

Robots we
Humans who can think but don’t
Mammals who can use our minds
But won’t

We are told
And out goes the bold
Our nascent ideas and thoughts cast aside
‘Cause when people don’t agree it hurts our pride

So originality gets dumped
Creativity gets thumped
Being an individual gets bumped
And we end up in the doldrums of the Soul – our spirit slumped

Good ideas; who needs them?
The cost is too high to think differently from the rest
Better to give in and act the part
Than to suffer the indignity of conformity’s slap down of the heart

You want to fly? Grow wings genius
Ha, yeah right, you take flight
What, your name is Wright – Orville?
Guess I’m wrong; same old song

E=MC what? Hammer
It’s all relative I guess
You banging away, turning physics on its head
And with Newton so long dead – ah you got lucky

Things are not always as they’ll be I tell you
That’s what Anthony, Susan B. said
And she too is dead
But she wasn’t wrong – hey cynic will that make you change your song?

Probably not
I could scream and shout it
But we evolve and become enlightened by long term doing
Not short term ranting

Don’t you come a panting
Now, that you see it works
Or money is made, or the press sings my praises
And you want to get back in good with a few quick phrases

“Oh we always knew you were the one.”
“You always showed promise.”
“We knew you would succeed.”
“I always thought what you said made sense.”

Where were you as I sank
When I slid down my own aorta
Into my body’s toilet tank
And I was flushed into that sea of chunky dread called doubt

As I cast about in the shadow and the shade
Refraining from that life pre-made, with prepackaged thoughts
And me fighting to be original, a throwback in times digital
Staving off 140 thumbed characters every half a nanosecond

But it is better than being dead I reckon
Because I can still think if I want
And I want
To still use my material gray before it turns black

Take it or leave it Jack!
Tweet it; Save it; Like it or be indifferent
I’ll sit and think and continue to hold my chin
Whipping out different ideas until the day I win

Suffered yet, suffragette?
Remember Susie’s words
“Failure is impossible”
And it is!

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