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A Poem a Day for Success

Self-help books offer all kinds of success formulas. Some of those formulas contain important concepts, like choosing a specific goal to succeed at and creating a written plan that will act as a road map for reaching that goal. I think that is a fairly basic yet good idea.

At times, I have read about meditating for success. Meditation can work to clear the mind, lower stress levels and help us stay on the path to achieving our goals. Meditation might help free us from some of the anxieties that can alter our goal trajectory. I believe meditation can be a valuable activity.

I understand that people vary and not everyone is interested in meditating. In thinking about this, I wondered if there were other practices that might help unburden us from the hurry and worry of everyday life. I suspect most of us have heard that exercise can help relieve tension. Something as simple as a daily 30 minute walk might work to abate some of the stress that builds up in us daily.

I think exercise is a good idea. Of course, before undertaking an exercise program, it is best to check with your physician first.

But getting away from some of the better known methods to help us move toward our goals, I began thinking about poetry. I doubt many people have considered what the value of reading or writing a poem a day might do for their mental state, their stress levels and their ability to focus on their goals.

A poem is a written meditation. Free form and flowing, if we are the writer it allows us to unburden ourselves through words. If we read someone else’s poem, it allows us to enter their meditation and free ourselves from some of our own stresses. It can also allow us to see ourselves and our circumstances through the thoughts and feelings of someone else.

So here it is, “The Poem a Day for Success Plan.” Read or write a poem a day for the next six weeks. See how it affects your mental state. See if it helps you to pursue your goals. The worst that could happen is you will know more poetry. However, it just might help you in the pursuit of your dreams.

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