A Look Ahead to Next Weekend’s NFL Divisional Round Playoff Games: Team by Team Analysis, Who Might the Likely Winners Be and Why, More

Now that the NFL Wildcard Games are over, we look ahead to the NFL Divisional Round Games that will take place on Saturday January 14th and Sunday January 15th. Seattle vs. Atlanta and Houston vs. New England are on Saturday. Pittsburgh and Kansas City and Green Bay and Dallas are on Sunday.

The winners of those games will advance to the AFC and NFC Championship Games. With the NFL Wildcard Games just completed this Sunday evening, we bring you analysis of the upcoming four games with our Editor in Chief and sports commentator, Chris Yandek. Chris tells us who he thinks will win, and why, next weekend in the NFL Divisional Round Games.

This segment, which you can listen to in its entirety below, is packed with game and player analysis and things all fans of the NFL should be thinking about and looking for when watching these four games next weekend.

If you are a fan, or even mildly interested in pro football, please listen to the entire CYInterview segment below:

Listen to the entire NFL Divisional Round CYInterview:

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