A Chill and Then, a Poem

There’s a chill in the air. I sit and I think. I am a bit cold. This is that time of the year. A time for hope, a time for fear. Desolate winter nears, with the hope of renewal once it clears. There’s a chill in the air and I feel it. This is a wondrous time. Yet it is a time that also makes us wonder. Will we live our dreams or will they be torn asunder?

Where is the blanket that I will wrap around me, keeping me warm from the storm of existential doubt? This is what I want to shout! There are different types of cold — the kind related to temperature and the kind relating to habits that have gotten old. Call it a form of spiritual cold. Will a blanket work? Is my search for one merely a quirk?

Life is about growth in right measure. We are here to evolve. We are here to be enlightened. We need warmth from the sun of divine truth. A sun we cannot see but a sun we can feel. Surreal? Perhaps, but that is the sun that will help us set our ontological maps.

Hold hands brothers and sisters, hold hands. That time is upon us, as it always is. We need to generate internal warmth, the warmth of love for our fellow humans. The warmth of love. The warmth delivered from inside and above. Respect for what we are and what we can be. Respect for you, respect for me.

Be of good cheer. Yes, I know, the cold comes near. But a chill now brings warmth later. Ours is but to endure. That is our rightful chore. To endure and evolve. To endure and improve. To endure and help the world right-wise move. And this we must do with love. This is our task, mandated from above.

Rejoice and be glad. Learn to thrill from the chill. Because we can create positive heat with our divinely inspired will!

Image courtesy of [Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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