3 Tips for Greater Personal Efficiency

Whether it is our work life, home life or love life, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things we need to get done. And beyond what we need to do, how about all the things we would like to do, the kinds of things that bring us happiness?

The key to getting things done is learning ways to become more efficient. Consider the following: Your supermarket and your dry cleaner are located a couple of miles away from each other. That means you spend more time driving and finding parking than you would if you were to go to one shopping center to do your grocery shopping and drop off your dry cleaning. That extra time adds up.

That being said, consider the following three tips to improve your personal efficiency:

1.) Bring order to your dating life – All of us want true love. However, who says true love needs to be found 30 miles away from where we live? The longer we have to travel to see the love of our life, the less time we have to actually be with them. Does this mean long distance relationships do not work? Of course it doesn’t. Long distance relationships can work, if both parties are truly committed to making things work. However, if you work all day and go to school at night, or vice versa, you might want to consider looking for a soulmate who lives closer to you, unless, perhaps, you are willing to have some of your dates virtually, online.

2.) Shop in one place – I mentioned this one above. Attempt to do your food shopping, your dry cleaning, home improvement shopping, etc., in the same general area. It is not always possible, yet sometimes it is. Often, we want go to different locations because we feel that we are getting better service or paying lower prices. Those are certainly considerations. However, if time is at a premium for us and we want to focus on efficiency, we might do well remembering the phrase that “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

3.) Work close to home – This is a big one and not necessarily easy to accomplish. However, working near where you live can be an absolute boon when it comes to saving time and becoming more personally efficient. Some folks commute an hour or more, each way, every day, going to and coming from their place of work. That is at least ten hours a week and it is time you are not getting paid for. If possible, see if a job that is roughly equivalent in terms of pay and satisfaction, compared to the one you have now, is available in your area. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Remember, nothing ventured nothing gained. What are your tips for being more personally efficient? Are you willing to share them with us below? Please do! You might help and inspire someone.

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