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3 Experts On Lohan

Chris Yandek interviews three professionals on different angles regarding Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles and young Hollywood. Yandek spoke with director Michelangelo Pinto of the Ferrari Driving School in New York, which will be having an upcoming Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan Awareness Day. George Kappas, who is the Director of the Hypnosis Motivation Institue, talks about the many celebrities he’s worked with and how method actors can get stuck in their characters through hypnosis. Finally, Yandek caught up with one of the most famous women attorneys in Gloria Allred, to get her perspective on the Lindsay Lohan case, troubled young Hollywood, and her upcoming show No Guts No Gloria.

Michaelangelo Pinto CYInterview:

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Young Hollywood has had its share of drunk driving issues. Michelangelo Pinto is the director of the Ferrari Driving School, which is the biggest driving institution in the metropolitan New York area. The school is going to have a Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan Awareness Day to help drivers young and old learn why they shouldn’t drive under the influence.

Chris Yandek: It was recently reported in the media that Lindsay Lohan was in a high speed car chase on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles. She was subsequently cited for DUI. Part of the report stated she chased down another car at 100 MPH and circled it while on the highway. What do you make of all this?

Michelangelo Pinto: “It doesn’t sound real feasible. Driving very fast, sure that’s possible, but doing donuts around another car in the middle of a highway or freeway – even in the middle of the night – does not sound likely. What was she driving, Herbie? She may have been fully loaded, but she wasn’t piloting Herbie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or some other magical vehicle it doesn’t sound realistic. Like I said, even in the middle of the night, you have cars barreling down on the highway, specifically the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s very curvy and what not. So you really don’t have much of a straightaway to begin with. Even though I am from New York, I am familiar with that highway. Doing circles, driving against traffic etc., seems like a bit of a stretch. She certainly could have been driving recklessly and I don’t know, I guess we have to wait and see what happens.”

CY: First we have Paris Hilton, then Nicole Richie, and now of course Ms. Lindsay Lohan. What is it with these young Hollywood actresses and DUI issues?

MP: “Some people would say that statistics don’t lie. Younger people tend to have more accidents and drive more wildly than more mature drivers. My perspective is that it is about training and awareness. At Ferrari Driving School, we have been teaching safe driving for over 40 years. What we have learned in that time is that if you train a driver well, both in hands on operation of the vehicle plus concepts of being a safe driver and not driving under the influence, a driver who is 21 years old or in that age bracket may still want to go clubbing and whatnot, but we really try to drill home the message of safety and really plan out your evening. If you are going to be driving, make sure you aren’t gonna be the one that’s intoxicated. If you are the one that’s planning to party a little more than you should, well who’s driving? Have that all planned out. It’s not just your own life at stake, but the lives of others as well.”

CY: I have been informed you guys are going to have a Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan Awareness Day for to inform why they shouldn’t drive and be drunk at the same time. Tell me about that.

MP: “We are dedicated to keeping the road safe by training people to become responsible drivers. I feel badly for these young women. Lohan is even a New York girl. You have to take responsibility if you’re behind the wheel of a car or anything else in life. It’s sending the wrong message that this isn’t something that’s a big deal driving like this. But basically to help the driving public and young drivers, we are going to do a Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay Day where we are going to invite parents and their kids and drivers or aspiring drivers of all ages in for a couple hour sessions on how to drive safely and why to never drive under the influence.”

You can find more information about the Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan Awareness Day by emailing Info@ferraridrivingschool.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

George Kappas CYInterview:

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Could Lindsay Lohan have thought she was driving Herbie like driving school director Michelangelo Pinto thought? George Kappas is the director of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and the stepson of actress Florence Henderson. His center works with many celebrities who become hypnotized by their roles.

Chris Yandek: Can the process of preparing for a role of method actors that get into character be called some kind of hypnosis and could you treat something like that?

George Kappas: “Well, seems how we’re based in Los Angeles, we actually do have the opportunity to work with many actors who are preparing for roles and yes, getting into the character for a role is very much a hypnosis process and is a form of self hypnosis in itself.”

CY: Are actors conflicted between their real life and their acting life?

GK: “Well, I think the job of being an actor is to be able to transform yourself into another character. It’s probably harder than most people realize. It’s a real talent and some people have the ability to do that. That’s what makes them great actors.”

CY: Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando are people who lived their lives through their characters. What kind of treatment would you offer for such situations?

GK: “If somebody feels they are having carryover into their real life from a role they’re playing it’s probably because they are becoming very suggestible to that role, to that character, to that personality. We just help them dehypnotize so that they can come out of that suggestible state and improve their ability to turn it on and turn it off and not get stuck there.”

CY: So for somebody like Lindsay Lohan who has played a stripper recently, played a troubled child recently, and then she is a race car driver in another film Herbie Fully Loaded, if she is a method actress like one of her co-stars says she is, is it possible she could’ve had some of that floating around in her mind when she had her recent car troubles? Could she been under some kind of hypnosis?

GK: “It’s a bit of a stretch. I would say most likely she has her personal life and her issues in that personal life and that personal life are probably independent of any those roles have. That would be my opinion. Certainly people who are under that kind of stress and who are working that hard and have those kinds of schedules, that stress takes its toll in many…many ways.”

CY: From a mental standpoint, what would you say regarding her situation?

George Kappas of the Ferrari Driving School

GK: “I would say it seems just from the reports and from the facts that Lindsay needs to address the substance abuse issues that she has. They’re very common amongst our general population. She’s just one of many…many people that it’s time for them to address and the fact that she is high profile makes it even more obvious to us. She’s just one of many people who have these issues. It’s just time for her to address them.”

CY: When you look at her it’s art imitating life. Would you say in any possible way she is living the characters on screen in her daily life?

GK: “I don’t think thar it’s an impossibility. I seriously don’t think that’s the major issue going on here. I think Lindsay is exploring her issues with substances and her body chemistry and personality lends itself to that problem. Again, she just happens to be a lot more high profile than the hundreds and thousands that are addressing the same issues as we speak.”

CY: Finally, what should the public know about the Hypnosis Motivation Institute when it treats celebrities and deals with celebrities?

GK: “Well, basically in terms of acting, that getting into a suggestible state and being able to access the creative process very much uses the subconscious mind and our job is to serve as a coach and guide and help tap those resources to not only do better and be better at their craft and art, but also to separate themselves and dehypnotize themselves so they don’t allow those things to carry over into their personal lives.”

You can find more information about George Kappas and the Hypnosis Motivation Institute at the following link:

Gloria Allred CYInterview:

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Gloria Allred is one of the best attorneys in America with an upcoming TV show. She has defended many celebrities and pushed for women’s rights. With all the troubles of young women in show business, there was no one better to talk to. Allred acknowledges that Lohan and young Hollywood needs more than rehab to maintain being sober.

Chris Yandek: Attorney Roy Black said to me because of what happened with Paris Hilton, the judge is going to be under some pressure out in California. Lindsay Lohan probably with two DUI’s and possession of cocaine is probably looking at 45-60 days. Would you agree with that it’s possibly a good analysis?

Gloria Allred: “You know I really can’t say at this time. I don’t know how anybody can say because it’s really going to depend on what the charges are and ultimately what she’s convicted of if she’s convicted of anything.”

CY: Do you think the courts are much tougher on women compared to men? I mean look at this trail of girls. You have Paris, Nicole, and now you have Lindsay. It just seems like it’s one after another.

GA: “It does. We’ve heard about the celebrity bad boys, now we’re hearing about the celebrity bad girls-the young Hollywood starlets who seem to be going off the wrong highway and byway. It’s a shame because they have so much privilege, so much opportunity, so much fame, and so much ahead of them. Yet they seem to be going off on the wrong path and get involved with drugs or alcohol or both. That’s a big problem for them because there are serious consequences when that occurs if they get behind the wheel.”

CY: You push for women’s rights, you’re a strong attorney, a strong person. It just seems like these girls have everything, they have a chance to make a difference in this world, and they could hire a driver. Why don’t these people say let me call a friend, let me get in a cab? What is it about these celebrities that think they can get behind the wheel?

GA: “Well, they need to listen to Chris first and foremost because what you said is exactly right Chris. I mean what are they thinking? Put that as the headline because it’s hard to say what they are thinking. There is just so much risk and so much danger involved when they get behind the wheel after these late night parties at these clubs. They are well known and they are going to be seen. In some cases they may be followed. The point is that there is a lot of risk to others on the highway. Some of them are very self- willed, used to controlling everything, used to yes people around them. They do whatever they want to do when they want to do it however they want to do it. That obviously can get them into a big heap of trouble.”

CY: You really thinks it’s too early to make an assumption that Lindsay could get anywhere between 45 and 60 days even with two DUI’s on her record and possession of cocaine?

GA: “Well, it could be even more than that depending of what she is convicted of, but she hasn’t even had a trial yet. So I am [not going] to say what she could have to serve if she hasn’t been convicted of anything. I would have to say this is a serious case. The consequences could be even more serious than they were for Paris Hilton. In this case too they’re apparently other witnesses and who knows what they are going to say and she could have civil consequences as well as criminal consequences.”

CY: Tell me about your possible upcoming TV show.

GA: “Well, I am very excited to be working with Hearst TV. Hearst is a company that has produced numerous successful television series. They came up with the concept No Guts No Gloria and I love the title. It’s going to be entertaining and empowering. We’re going to take people who are angry about the injustice that they have suffered in their lives and help them to find some positive solutions to do something about it and make change for themselves and for others they care about. We hope to do it in a very entertaining and empowering way. Should be a lot of fun.”

CY: People need to make change, people need to realize they need to make a change, and these girls need to realize they need to make a change.

GA: “Well, exactly because they’ve gotta get back on a more positive track. Rehab cannot just be a stop in there for charm school. Gotta be something meaningful. They gotta go in and get some serious help and get rid of the habits that are dragging them down. They’ve gotta get clean, they’ve gotta get sober, they’ve gotta stay that way because rehab as a revolving door is not just gonna work for them in their lives.”

CY: It doesn’t seem like this Promises rehab has helped Lindsay Lohan. She’s been in rehab twice and three or four days later she’s behind the wheel again after being over the limit and another DUI. One of her co-stars said to me maybe if the parents didn’t care so much about getting press we wouldn’t have this problem.

GA: “Well, her parents take certain responsibility. On the other hand she is an adult and she needs to get the help that is obvious that she needs. It reminds me of when I was a teacher many years ago and one of my tenth grade students kept getting his girlfriend pregnant. I said, ‘Well doesn’t she know anything and you know anything about birth control?’ And he said well we used it once but it didn’t work. Well, she may have gone into rehab before, but obviously it didn’t work. You just really have to make sure you have a pattern in life and practicing healthy habits. She needs to continue to get the help she needs.”

You can find more information about Gloria Allred at

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