AZ Media & Entertainment Names Sound Off On Immigration

Arizona’s immigration law, SB1070, continues to spark conversation. CY Interview catches up with two powerful voices in media & entertainment to discuss the climate that this law continues to create.

CY Interview hears from favorite radio personality, Jason “Sugabear” Harris who says Gaga’s demonstration at her recent Phoenix show created chaos on Twitter.

Fashion aj lifestyle magazine and television entrepreneur, Mark Gorzen, also joins us and says that, for years, he’s witnessed racism in Arizona from his ten-year relationship with an African American woman with whom he has children.

Sugarbear: “I did get some calls on the radio from students letting us know about rallies…[Seems like] there is a cloud of fear that looms over some people of color.”

Gorzen: “Mexican people are great customers, great people, great artists…with everybody that I work for to create magazines or TV shows, I try to interject beauty and culture and just try to make the world a happier place.”

Listen to the CYInterview below:

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